How to choose the right eyebrow product?

Makeup artists recommend this tool to beginners - those who are just learning how to do eyebrow makeup. Pencils are convenient because you can tint your eyebrows literally on the go: no additional tools (for example, brushes and brushes) are needed for this. At the same time, care must be taken when using an eyebrow pencil. If you draw a line without lifting your hands, and even with strong pressure, the eyebrows will look unnatural. Everyone will see that they are not yours. To prevent this from happening, choose a product with a soft, “creamy” lead and do not sharpen it too hard. Draw not lines with a pencil, but light, barely noticeable strokes - then the result will look as natural as possible. Also consider boy brow dupe

Eyebrow shadow

Powdery textures are ideal for creating a softer, more subtle eyebrow makeup. It is easy to give the eyebrows a sharper shape with shadows (use a beveled brush for this), "fill" their contours and thereby make them thicker. The result is easier to adjust: unlike pencil lines, shadow strokes can be easily shaded. By the way, Maybelline was able to combine eyeshadow and pencil and created Brow Satin with a powdery core.

Lipstick, eyebrow wax

Products with a viscous, dense texture are suitable for those who need long-lasting results for the whole day. With the help of lipsticks and wax, you can, firstly, give the color of the eyebrows more brightness, and secondly, gently "style" the hairs, if the eyebrows are fluffy and "naughty", and thirdly, firmly fix their shape. The durability of these products is very high: they withstand heat and humidity, and do not wear off during the day. Thus, lipsticks and waxes are good for their versatility. Interestingly, such products, unlike pencils and shadows, help to make the eyebrows more voluminous - due to the fact that their texture envelops the hairs.

Gel for eyebrows

Pigmented gel is an option for those who are generally satisfied with their eyebrow shape, but would like to add volume, “style” and fix them. For those whom nature has awarded with thick, wide and bright eyebrows, a transparent gel is suitable. These eyebrows only need a light hold to keep them neat.

Highlighter for eyebrows

Highlighters began to be produced separately for eyebrow makeup. They are used to make the eyebrow accent even more noticeable. Highlighter tint the skin at the top and bottom of the eyebrow contour. This makes the shape of the eyebrows sharper, and also creates a stronger contrast with the color of the tinted hairs. This tool is for “advanced” beauticians who are ready to spend a lot of time and effort on eyebrow shaping. Check out NYX Professional Makeup's double-ended Eye Brow Push-Up Bra with a highlighter at one end.

Using several eyebrow products, you need to know the rules for combining them with each other. They can only be layered in the following order: pencil, powder, lipstick, wax, gel.

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