Our curriculum aims to:


  • Ensure that all children are equipped with the reading, writing and mathematics skills they will need to transfer successfully to high school.


  • Develop children as learners by fostering independent learning skills, creativity and a curiosity for the world and learning.


  • Help our children to grow as individuals through developing the social and emotional skills they will need to succeed in the next stages of their education.


Reading and writing

We achieve this in early reading and writing through our very successful Read Write Inc. programme, which children begin in their reception year and usually complete during year 2. The Read Write Inc. programme is a systematic approach to the teaching of phonics. Children begin by learning basic sounds and gradually add more sounds until they are able to decode every phonetically decodable word. From the start, children are taught to blend words and are taught the numerous exceptions to the rule. Our aim is for every child to be able to decode successfully by the time they are 7. Following this, we concentrate on developing children's reading skills and breadth of reading throughout key stage 2. In addition, we have a systematic and creative approach to the teaching of writing, including grammar, punctuation and spelling, which means that our children become proficient writers during key stage 2.  



Children are taught mathematics from reception. From the earliest age, children are taught the counting, mental recall and arithmetic skills they need in order to become confident mathematicians. Later, emphasis is put on becoming proficient in written calculations and using these skills to solve mathematical problems. We use a variety of models and images to support children's understanding, including Numicon.


The wider curriculum

Our approach to the wider curriculum is one of exploration and discovery. This begins in Early Years through 'spontaneous planning' in which the teacher plans the context of the learning based on the pupils' own interests and lines of enquiry. In key stages 1 and 2, we teach the National Curriculum through a two and three year rolling programme, which can be viewed by clicking the link above to the curriculum map. Whenever possible, the children learn outdoors, such as by building a river in geography or reinacting the Great Fire of London in the woods. Forest School plays an important role in developing children's social and problem solving skills from nursery to year 3. We have a full programme of visits and visitors, using the local area to develop children's understanding of the world that they live in and taking them further afield, such as on our residential trips to Derbyshire and York. The wider curriculum also gives the children the chance to apply their reading, writing and mathematics skills.


Many examples of our curriculum in action may be found on our blog.



We have always prided ourselves on the sporting opportunities that we provide for our children. Our main sports are rugby, cross-country, cricket and athletics. We are currently the area small-schools rugby champions and have qualified for the county rugby and indoor athletics finals for the past three years. Many of our cross-country runners take part at county level on a regular basis.


We have utilised our Sports Grant well to develop even further our capacity to deliver high quality sports provision for all students. We employ a gymnastics coach and Mrs Dunnett has the NPETCS qualification for teaching PE. The aim is not only to give our pupils specialist teaching now, but also to train our own staff to deliver this provision in future years. All teachers are able to work alongside these teachers and one teaching assistant is being trained in the NPETCS course, so she can teach groups next year. We also act as the hub school in employing the School Sports Co-ordinator for the Cromer and Sheringham clusters.


In 2016-17 we received £8100 in Sports Premium.

It was spent as follows:

£650   School Sports' Co-ordinator

£2400 Swimming costs

£360   Dance teaching for two terms

£1400   Gymnastics instructor for two terms

£4104  Specialist PE teaching

£8914 Total spent





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